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The coolest offices in the world

Many companies introduce office schemes intended to boost employee morale, from dress down Fridays to free lunch. These methods are great – who doesn’t appreciate free pizza? – but bigger companies tend to have the scope to put employee morale at the forefront, and a lot of them use their office space as a tool to make their workforce a happy one.

We have selected companies from around the world that have created workspaces that will not only attract young, fresh talent, but also motivate them to stick around.


Moneypenny is the UK’s leading telephone answering service, offering a phone-based PA service to companies all over the country. Moneypenny founders Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher discuss the new building, and explain the inspiration behind the office space on the company’s website. With its treehouse meeting room, village pub and sun terrace, the building they have created not only motivates employees, it also amazes clients.

Moneypenny offices


Based in Vancouver, Hootsuite offers a social media management dashboard that is used by businesses and individuals all over the world. As is often expected of young tech firms, and in line with the ethos of outdoorsy CEO Ryan Holmes, the Vancouver HQ is fresh, open-plan, and caters to the creative minds of the workforce.

Hootsuite offices

Google London HQ

Google is known for innovative offices and happy employees, so the new London HQ doesn’t disappoint. With incredible design pieces, nap pods and a bar, it hardly feels like a workplace at all! The 160,000 square feet includes open-plan areas, with plenty of coffee bars dotted around for employees to make the most of the free refreshments on offer, as well as a gym and running track so workers can sweat off those complimentary Google pastries.

Google London HQ


Facebook has offices all over the world which perfectly cater to their youthful workforce – who, ironically, are a lot younger than the social media network’s core audience, who are in their mid-thirties. Facebook is one of the most desirable places to work thanks to its great corporate culture and incredible perks. Like Google, food and drink is unlimited and totally free, and the New York office has a pizza station, salad bar, and full-time pastry chef. To take some of the pressure off IT, there are also vending machines full of batteries, keyboards, and computer mice dotted around the office for those in need.

Facebook offices


With over 89 million monthly readers, Buzzfeed has grown massively over the past few years, and its New York HQ is decorated to reflect its beginnings. Large decals adorn the windows proclaiming ‘OMG’ and ‘ROFL’, and the memes and trends that shot Buzzfeed to superstardom are honoured within the walls of the trendy building. The location, Midtown South, caters to the young, fashionable folk who work there, and was specifically chosen due to the proximity to great restaurants and cool shops. It is an up-and-coming area for tech companies – Tumblr also has an office there.

Buzzfeed offices


For the musically-minded of you, the Spotify office would be a dream workplace. The whole space includes nods (subtle and otherwise) to music legends, chart-topping albums, and the world’s most famous venues. Outdoor spaces, recording studios, and tinkering access to 3D printers are just some of the perks that draw the best talent to Spotify.

Spotify offices

Now that you have seen how the trendiest tech companies are doing it, there are plenty of ways that you can scale down these ideas and incorporate them in your own offices. You may have noticed one thing these offices all have in common: open-plan, decluttered spaces that are perfect for collaborative working. Cutting out clutter, and rearranging your office in a way that encourages conversation, can be exceptionally successful for both the quality of output AND the morale of your workforce. Try it! We’d love to hear how you get on.

And if you do plan on decluttering and rearranging furniture, our storage facility is conveniently located in the heart of central London, is safe and secure, and can be flexible to your needs. Contact us today for a quote.

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