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Living in Soho: A lifestyle and Investment Guide

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What and where is Soho?

With its eclectic social scene and high energy atmosphere, Soho is an iconic part of London’s West End, attracting young entrepreneurs and culture loving professionals looking to immerse themselves in a truly unique part of the capital.

Home to London’s entertainment and theatrical hub, there’s always something going on in Soho, with many bars, restaurants, famous clubs, quirky shops and great bookstores populating the area.

From models and actors through to creatives and artists, the streets of Soho are always filled with the city’s coolest residents and as a result, it should come as no surprise that property prices in the area are high, rising by as much as 10 per cent every year!

Vibrant and constantly full of life, Soho isn’t really the place for young families. It appeals more to professionals and couples looking to embrace a fast-paced way of life.

Average house prices in Soho

Known as the beating heart of London town, Soho is one of the city’s most expensive areas, mainly due to the lack of available properties.

The vast majority of properties in Soho are situated on Meard Street, where the average prices come in between £4-6 million. There are a number of small studios dotted in and around the area, however these will set you back around £650,000. If you want to rent a property in Soho, you can expect to pay around £5,500 per month.

As there has been an increasing demand for properties in the area over the past few years, a number of commercial buildings have been converted into flats and studios.

Living in Soho

Situated in London’s bustling Zone 1, Soho is constantly alive day and night, with lots of famous shops, restaurants, taverns and eateries populating the area.

One of Soho’s most iconic shops is Liberty – a mock-Tudor style shop with four floors of designer clothing, beauty products, accessories and interesting furniture sourced from all over the world.

Kingley Court is another one of Soho’s most famous stomping grounds, summing up the area’s diverse landscape. Just off the famous arch of Carnaby Street, you’ll find Kingley Court – an open-air block boasting a main terrace, as well as three floors of independent boutiques, restaurants and other interesting shops. There’s even a yoga studio.

Transport links in Soho

As Soho is situated in the heart of London, it’s relatively easy to get around on foot and bike. And of course, there are plenty of buses and trains available to reach destinations in central London and beyond.

There’s no parking in Soho at all, which can pose a problem for some, however its central location and great transport links means there isn’t really a need for it.

What is nearby Soho?

Even though there’s always so much going on in and around Soho, if you fancy a change of scenery, there are lots of places nearby to explore.

China Town is situated in Southern Soho, bursting with great restaurants serving up delicious Chinese food. Covent Garden is also just a stone’s throw away, where you will find lots of street performers and entertainment.

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