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Living in Bloomsbury: Lifestyle and Investment guide

What and where is Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury is a luxurious residential, cultural and retail district situated in the city of London. From the bottom of Regent’s Park, all the way down to Oxford Street and then up to Euston Road, this borough is a hub of activity, art, music and literature.

Within the borough of Bloomsbury, the most well-known locations and buildings are The British Museum, University College London, Senate House, and the Brunswick Shopping Centre, to name but a few.

The first recorded mention of Bloomsbury, not by name, was in the Doomsday book, but the name Bloomsbury wasn’t coined until over 100 years later. The name came about when the land was owned by a Norman landowner, William de Blemond. Bloomsbury’s name derived from ‘Blemondisberi’ or the ‘Manor of Blemond’. Since then, Bloomsbury has established itself as a location rich in culture and history, coupled with a fantastic flair for entertainment and the arts.

With easily located connections, through the London Underground stations of Euston Square, Goodge Square, Russell Square and more and the connection to over ground rail from Kings Cross St Pancras, there are many ways to travel to and from this borough around the bustling metropolis of London and beyond.

Living in Bloomsbury

As Bloomsbury is a borough of such culture and interest, it’s only natural to assume that it’s quite a sought-after district to live or invest in. The process of moving into a new area is always quite a stressful time, whether you’re moving into a town or a city, so we thought we would give you an idea of the kind of area and the prices that would be involved with a move to Bloomsbury. That way, you can make any decision with all the facts available.

Average property price in Bloomsbury

Below is a graphic from Foxtons estate agents demonstrating the average property price if you’re considering buying a property to live or rent out to tenants in Bloomsbury.

bloomsbury property prices

According to Foxtons, the average house price in Bloomsbury (in Dec 2017) is £3,350,000 and the average flat price for living in Knightsbridge is £1,150,707.

If buying a house or flat in Bloomsbury isn’t the commitment you want to make, or if you’re only considering living in the borough for a year or so, there is also the option of renting. Renting can allow you to scout out the market from inside the area, in case you want to buy in the future, and also give you a taste of Bloomsbury to see whether you like the area as a place to live.

bloomsbury property price guide

As the above graphic shows, the average rental price per week is £703, but according to Foxtons it can start as low as £340 pw and stretch to as much as £2,800pw.

If you’re looking instead to invest in the Bloomsbury area, the graphic below illustrates the range of options available to get your foot in the door, and begin cultivating a property in the area that can last for years to come.

Currently on the market are a wide range of 2-bed and 1-bed properties, so if you’re considering investing instead of living in the area yourself, you would be able to appeal to a wide range of potential tenants with a medium sized property in a central area of London, especially considering Bloomsbury’s connections to Universities for possible student properties.

The Bloomsbury experience

Living in Bloomsbury isn’t just about the home you live in, or the property you own, but instead about the cultural hub that you’re moving into. Packed with historical locations, wonderful eateries and bars, and stylish shops and boutiques, a property in the Bloomsbury area is a gateway into the London life that the borough offers.

The number of historical and cultural places of interest available in Bloomsbury are vast, allowing visitors to whet their appetites with whatever era or subject matter they wish. Immerse yourself in the plethora of fantastic exhibitions at the world-famous British Museum, discover the history of literature at the British Library and step into the gorgeous St Pancras Church, heralded as the most expensive church in London – after St Paul’s, of course.

For lovers of the dramatic arts, the Bloomsbury Theatre is a must-visit. Experience a vast variety of productions performed by both professionals and students of the University College London, or head over to the Dominion Theatre for a sprinkle of West End magic.

Art lovers will also find their home here in Bloomsbury with a wonderful selection of dazzling annual fairs, including The Other Art Fair, which shines a light on up and coming London artistic talent. Or discover all kinds of art, from music to performance, at the Bloomsbury Festival.

Don’t worry if culture and history isn’t quite your thing, there are some amazing shopping opportunities that might take your fancy instead. Check out the Brunswick Shopping Centre for a variety of high street retail shops, cafés and restaurants, plus the Renoir Cinema, one of London’s leading art house cinemas. Don’t forget to also pop down Lamb’s Conduit Street for a peek at the modern handmade craft shops, home interior designers and bespoke tailors.

Feeling hungry? Get a bite to eat at one of the wonderful Michelin starred restaurants, or stop at one of the chic bar bistros, available around Bloomsbury and experience cuisine like never before. Fitzrovia’s Charlotte Street is also just minutes away and features a delectable selection of high-end bars, restaurants and gastro-eateries.

For families, two of the main pulls towards Bloomsbury is the fantastic selection of green space available, due to a number of parks dotted around the borough, and also the great educational opportunities available. With nurseries, primary and secondary schools galore, there’s no doubt that you’ll find an exemplary institution to education your children and the huge selection of further education opportunities, such as the Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts, University College London, Birkbeck, The Institute of Education and the London School of Economics, means that they may not even move too far away after school!

At CitySpace Storage, we’d love to help you achieve your dream of living or investing in property in Bloomsbury. If you need help storing furniture or moving boxes that have arrived too soon, or things that need to be stored while you tackle the big jobs in your new home, don’t hesitate to check out our website and see how we can help.

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