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How to store your vinyl records safely

There’s no denying that there’s nothing quite like the sound of vinyl, and a well- kept vinyl collection can not only hold a high monetary value, but a sentimental value too.

To keep your much-treasured vinyl collection in the best possible condition, the way in which it is stored is key. Store your records incorrectly and not only can this affect the sound quality of your favourite records, but it can also significantly decrease the value of your beloved collection.

Just a few simple steps can ensure that your vinyl remains scratch, dust and ‘crackle’ free, so your records are ready to rock when you are!

If you are planning to put your vinyl collection into your CitySpace storage unit, here are our top tips for keeping it protected:

Store them vertically

It’s really important to make sure your records are stacked vertically – upright and on edge. Although it may be tempting to lie the vinyl records flat and pile them high of top of each other, this can cause them to warp over time. This is particularly important to consider when you’re putting your records away in storage for a long period of time!

Replace the sleeves

To keep your records dust-free and safe from the elements, make sure you use high quality inner sleeves when storing your collection – after all, this is what will have direct contact with the vinyl. Although most records come with their own paper sleeves, these can transfer paper flakes onto your records which can eventually lead to surface damage. Invest in some polyethylene inner sleeves to keep your records as good as new in-between being spun on the decks.

Use a well-suited container

The best way to both transport and store your records is in hard-case storage boxes. Avoid storage containers that retain static charge and contain any acid within the material, as this can react with your vinyl and affect their condition. As collecting vinyl is such a popular hobby, there is plenty of choice on the market for storage cases designed specifically for the job – whether your vinyl is 12 or 7 inch, there are purpose-made boxes to suit.

Use record dividers to avoid any scuffs that may result from rummaging through your collection in a frenzy to find that classic record, and allow plenty of space when packing the records into containers- they need room to breathe!

Keep them cool and dry

Believe it or not, the condition of your records is affected by both temperature and daylight. Avoid storing your vinyl collection in any area that is likely to suffer from leaks and dampness such as attics and basements. As well as keeping your records away from sources of heat such as radiators, light exposure should also be considered – the less exposure to daylight the better.

CitySpace is not only clean and dry, but it is also completely secure – making it the ideal environment to safely store your cherished vinyl collection. By using these simple storage tips and using CitySpace to store your vinyl record collection, you can rest assured that your valuable records are being kept securely and safely. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the heart of London, your records are at hand whenever the mood hits! Contact us today to arrange temporary safe-keeping for your collection, or any of your valuables, or get a quick quote online.


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