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How to make the most of your London university experience

University is a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s important you experience it to the max! Whether you’re a fan of nights out, cosying up in a coffee shop or restaurant with friends, or shopping til you drop during your free time, we’ve come up with some of the best places for you to make the most of London while you’re studying.

Restaurants and Cafés

London has often been called the restaurant capital of the world, so it’s not surprising that it has a huge number of great eateries and coffee shops to visit. For a student, eating out may sometimes seem a bit pricey but it’s amazing what exciting places you can find. If you’re looking for a taste of Asian cuisine, Bibimbap or The Japanese Canteen could be right up your street, bringing their exotic flavours to the streets of London. For a more European meal, Icco or Herman ze German could provide you with the best student-friendly Italian and German foods with their collection of pizzas and German fast food.

In terms of coffee shops and cafés for a quick bite or a relaxed chat with some friends, look no further than Tea and Tattle, The Attendant, TY or Kaffeine. Each have their own style and can provide anything from a sophisticated afternoon tea for the student budget, a public workspace fused with tea and coffee or coffee in a renovated Victorian toilet!

Whatever experience you want from your food and drink visit, there’s something for everyone, and what better time to explore than when you’re a student in the city.

Nights out and student events

You’ve chosen to come to many of the fantastic universities in London and you’re a fan of a night out, where do you go? Whether you want to listen to house music and dance the night away in the lively, eclectic Zoo Bar and Club, or looking for hip-hop karaoke at The Social, or something more informal like The Roxy’s basement bar, there’s definitely something for you in the city.

Don’t forget to visit your Student Union, as there’s always a lot going on, especially during Freshers Week. King’s College London’s Freshers Rave is happening at the World Famous Fabric Nightclub, and London School of Economics plays host to Saucy every Friday during the term. Also, don’t forget Imperial College London has their very own nightclub – Metric – so don’t forget to check that out!

Shopping hotspots

If you’re worn out from partying and eating, why not stretch your legs and take a stroll down some of London’s renowned shopping streets. True, you might end up with less student loan when you’re done, but you could find some real gems! Everyone knows about the iconic Oxford Street, undoubtedly somewhere to check out if you haven’t done so before, but there are many other places that could take your fancy.

Why not take a wander through Carnaby, and shop your way through over 100 shops, or take the high-class route down Sloane Street and marvel at the Gucci handbags and Hermés scarves! For the market lovers, Piccadilly Market and Covent Garden are the perfect places to explore and there’s always the option of Westfield for anyone missing high street brands.

If you’re heading to university in London and feel like you’re not going to have enough space in your student accommodation for everything you want to bring, why not check out CitySpace Storage to find out how we can cater for your student storage needs, right on your doorstep.

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