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How to make inner-city moving a stress-free experience

Moving home, moving offices, moving furniture – all potentially stressful experiences that come with their own challenges. Add the extra issues that arise when trying to move within a city, and you’ve got yourself a tricky situation!

So, how can you reduce the stress of inner-city moving? Easy: plan, plan, plan! Leaving everything to the last minute will not make for a smooth move. Plus, arranging your move in advance means you can focus your energy on the fun stuff: choosing colour schemes, buying furniture, and planning your housewarming party!

Here’s how to effectively plan your move:

Set a budget (and stick to it)

Moving home or office is a costly business, so figure out how much of your budget you can afford to allocate to the physical relocation. Be realistic and account for everything, including movers, packing materials, and the cost of the beer you’ll inevitably owe your friends and family who helped with lugging boxes! Doing this will help you put a more accurate figure on the cost, and therefore allocate enough funds early in the process – a key consideration when using companies based in central locations like London, as you’ll be paying a higher price due to location.

Removal companies

Book this as soon as possible and ensure you choose a reputable company that can handle the logistics of moving within a city, including where restrictions for larger vehicles are, whether there is parking or unloading space available, and if there is lift access (and the plan of action if there isn’t). Be sure to give them as much information as possible to avoid any issues or hiccups on moving day.


Be as organised as possible with packing – you want to get started as soon as you can. Put together a realistic schedule of how long it will take to get your home or office packed and ready. Be logical, too: plan which areas and items need to be packed first, and what needs to wait until moving day. Don’t afraid to be ruthless – moving is a great opportunity to purge your things!

Arrange your possessions into keep, throw, store, and donate. Doing this ahead of time means you can get rid of everything you want to throw, store or donate before the move – it doesn’t make sense to lug everything you’re planning to get rid of between your old and your new location, so do this ahead of time.

Organising your storage space is the easy bit; our clean, modern units are the perfect place to store any items that you want to keep, but don’t have space for. Conveniently located in Knightsbridge & Central London, they’re perfect for storing everything from your record collection to your golf clubs.



Planning for your dog, cat, hamster, parrot, or gerbil is highly advisable. Arrange a dog sitter to avoid your pooch getting under your feet, and make sure your cat hasn’t wandered off outside when it comes to heading to your new place. Knowing they’re looked after and safe will alleviate any worries about them running into city traffic, or getting lost in unfamiliar areas. It is also worth planning for smaller pets and fish, as it takes away any concerns over their wellbeing during the move.

Follow these steps and you’re in for a painless relocation! Don’t delay planning your move – get a quote for your storage requirements today, or contact us to speak to an adviser.

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