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How to add hygge to your home

The Danish word hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) doesn’t have a direct translation into English, so the concept is often met with confusion. To put it simply, hygge is the idea of creating intimacy, enhancing cosiness and comfort, and promoting a simpler lifestyle, as preferred by Danes.

So, how can you embrace the popular trend of hygge, the rituals of which are said to increase happiness?

Buy little, not often

Hygge homes are minimal, and every piece is carefully selected based on aesthetic. Buying anything for your home isn’t about price, or quantity. There needs to be a focus on a few design pieces that are aspirational and unique, with an emphasis on simply not overdoing it. Try ferm Living for design ideas, art, and furniture. Other embellishments, although few, are more about personality. Think family photos and items that carry memories, books and ceramics – these belongings feed into the idea of hygge encouraging happiness.

Candles and cushions

You’ll need scented candles for comfort and warmth, and cushions, rugs and throws for texture and style. It’s all about cosiness, so an abundance of these is vital to achieve optimum hygge! The Danes are fans of wool, leather and wood. For candles, head to Ashleigh & Burwood in Knightsbridge, and if you ‘d prefer a bespoke scent, try Rachel Vosper in Belgravia. For cushions and throws, there’s nowhere better than Skandium – stylish and the best retailer of Scandinavian design.


When hosting a dinner party, adopt the hygge way by offering a relaxing and unwinding shared experience. Unlike in the UK, rushing to clear the table and wash the dishes following a meal is not the norm. Dinner parties in Denmark are long, and revolve around great conversation, plenty of food, and flowing wine. Keep your wine stocked nearby and invest in storage space to keep it in.

Don’t hoard

An important aspect of hygge is considering what you have regularly. Look objectively at your home, and make changes if there are objects that you don’t use or need. Every item, object and piece of furniture should have a purpose, and be in keeping with the style of your hygge home. If it isn’t – it needs to go! Remove any unnecessary furniture, and place it in storage for safekeeping, until there comes a time it becomes useful to you again.

Hygge Bedroom Design

By following these tips, you can make your home hygge this winter! And don’t just adopt the concept in your home – accept it as a part of your lifestyle. Drink a mug of tea, read a book, do some yoga, or take a long bath (surrounded by candles, of course). Spend some time catching up with yourself, and you’ll feel calmer, more peaceful, and happier as we move into the busy Christmas period!

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