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How much does self storage cost in Central London?

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your business, personal, or student items in London, there are lots of options available and plenty of things to consider. After all, it’s important that your self storage facility is secure, accessible, and meets all of your requirements.

However, price is also an important factor, particularly if you plan on storing furniture, clothing, or other items for a longer period.

So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to self storage prices in London – we hope you find it helpful!

Storage Unit Prices London

The price of a self storage unit in London will typically be determined by the size of the unit. As a general rule, the larger the unit, the lower the cost per square foot.

As a rough guide, storage space in London typically costs around £2.80 per square foot, based on 50 sq. ft.

At CitySpace, our average London storage unit prices start from £1.37 per sq. ft, based on 50sq ft, hired for one week.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as looking at the cost. You’ll also need to take into account what you’re getting for that cost. So, whilst one storage facility might appear to be significantly cheaper than another, it’s worth considering the quality, security, and reliability of the storage on offer, and ensuring you fully understand what’s included in the price.

At CitySpace, for example, our prices include:

  • High quality, damp free, secure storage
  • 24/7 state-of-the-art security including intruder alarms, fire alarms, and CCTV
  • 24 Hour access
  • Use of trolleys
  • Parking

Storage Price Comparison

Storage prices can vary significantly depending upon a variety of factors. The cost of storage in London is typically more expensive than it is elsewhere in the country, so when you’re looking for storage prices, make sure you take that into consideration. The size of the space will also affect the price, as well as the length of time you need the storage for.

As a rough guide, the average cost of self storage in London is:

Estimate cost of self storage in central London

London Store 10 sq. ft. 20 sq. ft. 30 sq. ft. 40 sq. ft. 50 sq. ft.
1 week £17.27 £32.52 £44.37 £56.79 £68.65
1 month £38.25 £72.00 £98.25 £125.75 £152.00
2 months (8 weeks) £76.50 £144.00 £196.50 £251.50 £304.00
3 months £153.00 £288.00 £393.00 £503.00 £608.00
6 months £382.50 £720.00 £982.50 £1,257.50 £1,520.00
6 months paid up front £378.68 £712.80 £972.68 £1,244.93 £1,504.80
12 months £841.50 £1,584.00 £2,161.50 £2,766.50 £3,344.00
12 months paid up front £688.50 £1,296.00 £1,768.50 £2,263.50 £2,736.00

*Note – storage prices are based on estimates from CitySpace branches, prices quoted are for reference purposes only, obtain a quote to get an accurate storage cost for your needs.

Here at CitySpace, we are committed to providing the highest quality self storage in London, for the lowest possible cost. With this in mind, we’ll match any written quote from our competitors within a three mile radius, providing that they offer the same level of service and the same storage environment.

Other self storage costs to consider

Of course, when you’re working out the cost of your self storage space in London, it’s not always just the space itself that you need to consider. Depending on your chosen self storage company, there may be other costs that will affect your final bill. It’s important to take these into account when making your decision to avoid any nasty surprises!

Here are some of the additional costs to look out for when comparing prices of self storage:


Self storage providers will usually require you to insure all of your possessions whilst they are being stored. It’s also worth bearing in mind that some self storage companies in London will state that you buy their own insurance cover. At CitySpace, we are committed to making things as flexible as possible. So, when it comes to insuring your goods, you can either sign up for one of our great value insurance policy options, or you’re welcome to arrange your own cover.


When you arrange your self storage, you’ll usually be asked to pay a deposit. The cost of the deposit varies from storage company to storage company, however it’s often equal to around half a month’s rent.

At CitySpace, we take a deposit of just £10 when you reserve your London self storage space. This £10 is then refunded once you’ve moved in so, in effect, it’s totally free to reserve your spot!


At some self storage facilities, you’ll need to supply your own lock for your storage space. When comparing prices, make sure you ask whether you’ll need to buy a lock or padlock for your unit.

At CitySpace, we can provide locks. These cost £12.00 and can be bought in-store.

Long Term Storage Prices in London

Many self storage facilities offer better rates for longer periods, so the longer you store your belongings at the site, the more you’re likely to save overall, particularly if you pay up front for a set period.

At CitySpace, for example, the average cost of our London storage is £382.50 for 10sq ft, based on 6 months, or £78.68, based on the same space for 6 months but paid up front. For 12 months, the savings are even greater. A 10 sq ft space for 12 months is an average cost of £841.50, whilst if you pay for those 12 months up front, the total cost is an average of £688.50, saving you £153.00.

Special offers and deals for London self storage

Many self storage facilities in London also offer deals and reduced costs during certain periods or for a set period of your contract. This can help to bring the cost down and should be taken into account when comparing London self storage prices.

For example, at CitySpace, we’re offering 50% off your first two months of storage.

Alternative London storage options

Of course, when it comes to looking for storage options in London, there are alternatives to self storage available.

Container Storage in London

Container storage facilities in London will allow you to store your items in a secure yet portable container. This will mean that your stored items can be moved around, however, when considering this option, it’s important to bear in mind that the container will be stored outside and so might not necessarily be the most secure.

Self Storage Collection in London

Another option is self storage collection. With this service, you’ll be provided with boxes, which you will then fill with your items before they are collected and stored. Once you need your belongings back, you can arrange for them to be returned to you.

However, keep in mind that, although this option could appear to be cheaper, it doesn’t offer many of the advantages of traditional self storage. For example, you won’t have the freedom to access your stored items whenever you need them, and there is usually a fee involved whenever you retrieve or add items into storage, so this can become expensive.

If you’re looking for secure, reliable, and affordable self storage in London, look no further. Here at CitySpace, we provide long and short term self storage solutions that work around you. And, with self storage facilities in Central London (Bloomsbury) and Knightsbridge, there’s sure to be a CitySpace central London storage option that’s quick and convenient for you to access. Get in touch to discuss your self storage needs today or request a totally free, no-obligation quote!


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