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Escapes near London you may not have considered

Have you ever wanted to head off on holiday without travelling too far? The following destinations may not immediately spring to mind, but here’s why you should consider them for your next escape.

Osea Island

Wouldn’t we all love an island to ourselves for a holiday of tranquillity and seclusion? At Osea Island, this dream can become a reality, with their beautiful selection of properties on the coast or situated further back in the centre of the island.

You can hire one of the holiday properties, or even the entire island for your break and, since the only access is a Roman causeway, you’re unlikely to be bothered while you relax. The gorgeous vibrancy of the landscape is a major draw to this wonderful destination and, with its properties all outfitted in beautiful traditional furniture, the island almost feels lost in time.

Discover all kinds of gorgeous countryside and wildlife during the day and then curl up in the evening to discuss the scandalous tales and heroic deeds which make up the island’s folklore.


If folklore and history is something you’re interested in, Canterbury may be a destination you should consider for a break. The city is not only the inspiration for Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales but also the home of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Canterbury Cathedral. There are a multitude of museums to visit and historical buildings to explore, plus the option of a riverboat trip to further investigate the hidden parts of this beautiful city.

However, if history isn’t your thing, don’t dismiss Canterbury just yet. There’s also the fantastic Marlowe Theatre, which is home to a diverse range of entertainment, from comedy to drama and so much more. Don’t miss out on the gorgeous Eastwell Manor, home to the Garden of England and a luxurious spa, situated on the outskirts of the city.

For a spot of shopping, head to the Whitefriars Centre, or indulge at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the area, such as The Sportsman, The West House and Read’s.


Nestled on the banks of the River Severn, this town is a treasure of the South West, although often overlooked for the draws of larger cities. This gorgeous town has a lot going for it, from a stunning cathedral – one of the most impressive medieval buildings in the country – to the intriguing Victorian port down at the dock, where there’s always something going on.

There are also several cultural venues available for exploration, such as the Nature in Art Gallery and Museum, where you can find a fantastic range of nature-inspired art in the rooms of a Georgian mansion.

For young families, the Beatrix Potter museum at The Tailor of Gloucester is a must-see, and a wander along the Gloucester Waterways is always wonderful on a sunny day.

This picturesque town is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to simply relax and explore the streets and discover what the place has to offer.



If you weren’t already aware, the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon is most well known as the birthplace of one of the UK’s most famous playwrights, William Shakespeare. Whether you’d like to explore the house where he grew up, or his wife – Anne Hathaway’s – cottage, the sites are often considered some of the most romantic in the country.

For a spot of entertainment, why not consider the Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatre schedule – they have a wide variety of performances to attend across the year. For families, the MAD museum, also known as the Mechanical Art and Design Museum, is a fantastic destination for those with inquisitive minds.

If you’re looking for another romantic activity, why not head out onto the River Avon in a rowing boat, punt, canoe or motor boat, explore the three miles of river available and have a picnic on the banks of the river.


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