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Alternative uses for your self-storage unit

Sometimes homes or offices just aren’t quite big enough to incorporate everything we want to do and, in London, extra space can be hard to come by. If you need a designated space for an activity, work, or storage, there’s no reason why a self-storage unit can’t provide that space for you. In this blog, we show you some of the most common alternative uses for self-storage units to help you gain some more space in your life.

Work from home with your own office

If you’re self-employed and need a space to designate for work and you don’t want to be distracted by everything that occurs at home, or you work from home, a self-storage unit could be the best solution for you to work in peace and quiet.

The self-storage unit you choose to work from can be customised to accommodate whatever office supplies you need, depending on the size unit you choose, and is away from any distractions that might draw you away from work, allowing you to be productive and efficient.

At CitySpace Storage, our 24/7 access and secure storage systems mean that you don’t have to worry about leaving your files, stock or projects in the unit until you come back to start work again. Similarly, since you’re not using a home surface as a desk, you won’t have to move important notes around and risk misplacing or losing them.

Express your creativity with a designated art studio

Do you need a personal space where you can create without interruption? Do your art or photographic projects often need a designated studio for subjects to sit or visit? Are you lacking the space at home to fully express your creativity?

Using a self-storage unit as a personal art studio is one way that you could tackle these limitations. It’s ideal for storing all your equipment and supplies when you’re not using it, as a storage unit, but it’s also a perfect place for you to work in designated space with the room to move and express yourself through your canvas or camera lens.

Also, without the hassle of carpets and your personal furniture in the way, any clean up that needs to be done is a lot simpler to achieve and there’s no risk of damaging your possessions or house. However, there’s also no need for you to tidy up and move things out the way when you’re in the middle of something – you can leave it where it is and come back to it when you’re inspired again.

Stay fit and healthy with a personal gym

If you’re lacking the space in your own house for a home gym, a self-storage unit could be the next best option for you to keep fit and healthy. With enough space to keep the machines you want and need for your exercise regime, depending on the storage unit size you choose, and 24/7 access from CitySpace Storage, you can visit your personal gym whenever you want.

This option is ideal for someone who might be too intimidated to join a gym or someone who might be on the other end of the spectrum and want to complete their workout routine without having to wait for machines or floor space, or deal with other people around.

Keep up on all your hobbies

Whether your hobby space is a room to fit that pool table that just won’t squeeze into a room at home, or a space for you to house your large collection of books and a comfy sofa to curl up on, a storage unit will be able to provide a hideaway where you can relax. It would also be a great space for any craft work that you’d like to do.

Without the need to clean and tidy away everything you use, you’re able to come and go as you please and pick up where you left off. There’s no need to keep prized books or craft scissors out of the reach of small children or pets, and a storage unit gives you the option to escape the house when things get hectic and have some you-time!

Create an extra, seasonal wardrobe

A storage unit is the perfect place to rotate a wardrobe since it provides an uncluttered room where the only purpose is storing clothes. Simply purchase a few clothes rails, or lightweight standing wardrobes and start cycling your clothes through the seasons as and when you need them.

If both your summer and winter wardrobes take up too much space in your home, or you store all your winter clothes in boxes until the colder weather sets in, you could use storage as an alternative wardrobe that you could switch around depending on the season. Similarly, if you have a selection of elegant evening attire that you just don’t have the required space to store to avoid creases or damage, claim the space you need with a storage unit.

At CitySpace Storage, our 24/7 access means that you can access your wardrobe whenever you like, whatever event you need your clothes for.

If you’re running out of space at home and are looking for an area that you can use to facilitate your work, hobbies, and clothes, visit CitySpace Storage and get a quote for a storage unit that will suit your alternative use.

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