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7 luxury Easter gifts from London’s best chocolatiers

It’s almost Easter, the time of year to enjoy milk, dark, and white chocolate guilt-free – it’s tradition after all! For most of us, chocolate is appreciated as an occasional indulgence, so Easter is an opportunity to treat friends, family, (and yourself!) to only the finest chocolate in London.

We’ve selected our favourite Easter offerings from chocolatiers and retailers in and around central London that will impress and amaze the lucky recipients.


Originally from Brighton, Choccywoccydoodah is amongst the most famous of chocolateries, specialising in chocolate, cakes, and incredible edible sculptures. Naturally, its Easter offerings do not disappoint! Whether you’re looking for an Easter cake centrepiece for that all-important lunch, or a hamper stuffed with handmade chocolate to let the family loose on, it’s got you covered.



Hotel Chocolat

Original, authentic, and ethical, Hotel Chocolat prides itself on breaking the mould; when it started making Easter eggs over a decade ago, it was advised by experts to make them as thin as possible. Did Hotel Chocolat listen? No! It instead chose to make them ludicrously thick, and that’s an attitude we can get on board with.

The innovation doesn’t stop at eggs; its Utterly Cracking Hamper is stuffed with chocolate rabbits, eggs, and treats to share with the family, and the Hide and Cheep box is crammed with 80 individually-wrapped chocolate shapes for your Easter hunt!



Artisan du Chocolat

If you’re looking for decadent, inventive Easter gifts, Artisan du Chocolat is the place for you. It’s known for turning chocolate into art that is almost too beautiful to eat. The aptly-named Sculpture egg wouldn’t look out of place decorating your home, and the Balloon Egg is delicious perfection, complete with sweet lace edible strings.





Established in 1902, Prestat has more than a century of experience handcrafting chocolate treats, and count Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl as one of its most famous customers. With a shop in Piccadilly and a concession in Harrods, Prestat products are visually striking. The Tilly the Bunny’s Best Kept Secret Hamper is a stunning collection of eggs, truffles and bars that will last the whole of Easter (maybe), while the Great Big Chocolate Jute is a delightful gift for children and chocolate fans alike.


Rococo Chocolates

Chantal Coady opened the first Rococo Chocolates shop in Chelsea in 1983, with a dream to change chocolate retailing for the better. Shunning the conventional and stuffy norms of the time, Chantal created a fun and imaginative environment that continues to thrive today, with luxury and intoxicatingly delicious chocolate at the heart of her success.

Chantal’s Easter collection is exciting and elegant; the Hand Painted Dark Chocolate Gentleman Hare is a departure from the standard spherical egg, and the attention to detail makes for a beautiful gift. For those looking to pull an Easter prank, the Praline Stuffed Real Hen’s Egg Crates looks like real eggs, and can be enjoyed whole or warm – it recommends enjoying yours with toasted brioche sticks!




With boutiques in Notting Hill and Holland Park, Melt boasts fresh chocolates handmade by world-class chocolatiers. The style and luxury of their products is unrivalled. Your relatives will love their Melt gifts; Dark Chocolate Avocado Eggs full of mini eggs topped with bee pollen, goji berries and quinoa for the adults, and cute Easter Bunny Eggs for the kids. It’s a one-stop shop of Easter gifts that keep on giving – the cardboard bunny holder is specially designed to allow the children to paint and get creative over the Easter weekend!




If you’re looking for luxury in central London, where better than Harrods? Its range of Easter products includes the Family Easter Feast hamper – an impressive collection of Easter goodies comprising Champagne, hot chocolate, and an array of milk and dark chocolate eggs. You can also pick up presents for friends and family; the individual hand-painted Artisan Easter egg options are both beautiful and moreish!



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