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10 of the hottest Christmas decoration trends for 2017

Christmas is on the horizon, and whether you’re a November decorator or you leave it until the last minute, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas tree. Every year there are new and exciting trends for Christmas decorations and so, this year, we’ve decided to give you a head start. Here are CitySpace’s pick of the hottest Christmas decoration trends for December 2017.


While you may think that only using one colour on your tree and in your decorations could be a little boring, many people this year will be embracing the simple, sophisticated look with baubles and other tree ornaments purely in either white, blue, or red. Add variety to the decorations by mixing up different textures and designs; instead of purely relying on one bauble size, shape or design, in order to make your tree a real statement, choose baubles that are glittery, glass, feathered, patterned, star shaped, or multiple sizes.


The idea of using organics in your decoration this year doesn’t mean that you have to bring your garden indoors, instead embrace earthy colours and tones, for your baubles, such as greens, browns and oranges.  Foliage is a key part of embracing the organic look this Christmas, and it’s a great way to get some rustic aspects of nature into the home with minimal cost and effort. Additionally, foliage can add some great scents to your home, such as pine and fir, to really capture that Christmas feel!


Geometric house ornaments and decorations have been rising in popularity over recent years for all-year-round use, so its about time they were brought into the holiday season. 2017 seems to be a big year for using geometric shapes as Christmas tree decorations in a variety of colours and shapes.  Not only are they strikingly beautiful and artistic, they are also an effective juxtaposition against the soft lines and shapes of a Christmas tree.

Fairy lights

According to every Christmas decoration supplier and retailer, and us here at CitySpace, there needs to be a permanent spot on the trends list every year for fairy lights at Christmas time. There’s nothing that signifies the festive season more than the twinkling of lights on a tree, hung from windows or around pictures, or shining on the outside of your home to welcome you back home as the evenings get darker!

Crystal and iridescence

If you’re looking for an elegant, classic and altogether stunning look for your Christmas tree this year, look no further than crystal and iridescent baubles. These are almost fairy-tale like in their appearance, since they twinkle from branches and shine like bubbles in the sun. These baubles are simple and make a real statement when caught in the light.



Having a centrepiece is the perfect way to add festivity to other areas of your house.  Whether it’s in the dining room on the main table or a sideboard, or nestled on a coffee table or end table, a centrepiece is an understated way to creating a touch of Christmas elegance. It could be a couple of candles wrapped in ribbons and nestled on a tray, or a vase filled with foliage like sprigs of holly or pine. No matter how it is styled, a centrepiece will become an eye-catching statement to wow your guests.

Blown glass

Blown glass baubles are a trend that are really on the rise this year. Blown glass is a beautiful medium for baubles and decorations, since the creation process means that every single one is unique and stunning in its own way. There is a plethora of colours and shapes to choose from to fit every kind of Christmas theme that you may choose to decorate your home.


Metallics, ranging from the classic golds and silvers to the slightly more eccentric coppers and rose golds, are taking the Christmas market by storm. They can appear in bauble designs, such as the geometric designs we mentioned earlier and other classic designs, and are also appearing in the form of tinsel to festoon the tree and other decorative elements, like ribbon.


Indoor wreaths

Everyone knows the Christmas tradition of putting a wreath on your front door, but this December more people are bringing wreaths inside. However, instead of foliage, some people are getting creative and using more interesting materials like feathers or fake flowers to make their wreaths truly unique.

Woodland animals


You may have seen some of these cute little characters popping out at you during your recent shopping trips. They can be found in either felt or glass, and add some adorable personality to either your tree and mantlepiece. These decorations are also perfect if you’re decorating with your children, since it adds a little something sweet that they’ll appreciate.


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