DIY and Renovation

If you’re planning to decorate or renovate your home, you’ll want to protect your furniture and other possessions from getting damaged. It can be tough to find somewhere to put them and all you end up doing is shifting furniture from one room to another, creating unnecessary hassle and clutter.

Renting a dedicated storage space is the most sensible option – you’ll have more room to work on your home, and your possessions will be safe and secure. At CitySpace, we have a variety of storage spaces available and our flexible periods mean there’s no need to worry if your decorators don’t hit their deadline.

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How CitySpace can help with your DIY project...

  1. Flexible storage periods to suit your schedule

    You know how it is, the decorators say it will be done within a couple of weeks, but before you know it they’ve run into problems. Not to worry, at CitySpace there’s no need to lock yourself into a three-month contract, we just charge you for the time you’ve used. This means you can store your items for as long as you like. All we require is two weeks’ notice before you move out.

  2. Access your possessions

    Inevitably, you’ll move items out of your home that you need access to whilst you’re redecorating. Our storage facilities can be accessed even when our staff aren’t around – just use your key code to gain entry. See full opening hours for Bloomsbury and Knightsbridge.

  3. Start decorating straight away

    Keen to begin the renovations as soon as possible? No problem – we guarantee to provide you with a suitable storage space the day you enquire, meaning you can pick up that paintbrush sooner rather than later. Just get in touch on 0203 319 5770 and tell us what you need!

Why Choose City Space?

A secure place to store your belongings

We won’t just protect your furniture from paint and plaster, our facilities sport state-of-the-art security systems – your possessions couldn’t be safer. Each unit is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance and fitted with an alarm. You’ll need a key code to enter the facility, too.

Access your belongings out of hours

Want to tidy away all of your private possessions for house viewings but still have access to them? Not to worry, you can enter your storage space at even when the reception is closed.

Additional packing supplies when you need them

Run out of cardboard or just used the last roll of tape? We stock a variety of packaging essentials, so you’ll be well-prepared come moving day.

Storage in Central London

We are located in the heart of Central London right on your doorstep. Why travel for storage needs when you can walk to your unit and get your processions when you require them.