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DIY and Renovation

If you’re planning to decorate or renovate your home, you’ll want to protect your furniture and other possessions from getting damaged. It can be tough to find somewhere to put them and all you end up doing is shifting furniture from one room to another, creating unnecessary hassle and clutter. Renting a dedicated storage space is the most sensible option – you’ll have more room to work on your home, and your possessions will be safe and secure. At CitySpace, we have a variety of storage spaces available and our flexible periods mean there’s no need to worry if
your decorators don’t hit their deadline.

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How CitySpace can help with your DIY project...

Storage units in Central London

Flexible storage periods

Don’t let your furniture get damaged by renovation or decorating work! CitySpace storage lets you store your furniture and possessions for as long as you need, until your projects are completed. There’s no minimum storage period and you can rent storage for as long or short a time as you need, as you’re charged on a month-by-month basis. All we ask is that you give us two weeks’ written notice before you empty out your space.

Storage units in Central London

We can help you move in

We understand that you may not have access to a suitable moving vehicle, so let us make the process easier for you. We have great relationships with several local moving firms, and can therefore assist you when it comes to transporting your stuff into your new storage space. All you have to do is put everything into boxes!

Storage units in Central London

Store with us straight away

Left everything to the last minute? Don't worry – we promise to provide you with a suitable storage space the day you enquire, allowing you to move in straight away. To reserve a space, give us a call on 0203 319 5770.

Why choose CitySpace?

Storage in Central London

We are located in the heart of Central London right on your doorstep. Why travel for storage needs when you can walk to your unit and get your possessions when you require them.

State-of-the-art security

Only you, and anyone else you've allowed access, can get into your storage space. Our facilities are monitored by CCTV 24/7 all year round and secured by a unique pin code. There really is no safer place to store your possessions.

Storage access, day or night

Got some weekend plans and only just realised that vital bit of kit is still in storage? Don't panic – our facilities can be accessed every day of the week including Sundays and bank holidays.

We stock additional packing supplies

Run out of boxes to put all those books in? We sell a variety of packing materials at our facilities, from bubble wrap to tape.

CitySpace Storage