Whether it’s books, travel souvenirs or shoes, we all collect various possessions over our lifetimes. Inevitably, our homes get cluttered and we find ourselves craving more space. If that sounds familiar, you may be looking for a new place to keep your possessions safe.

CitySpace can help - our secure facilities are the perfect solution. Your belongings can still be accessed easily, and your home will suddenly feel a lot more spacious!

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How CitySpace can help with you Declutter...

  1. Access your possessions out of hours

    The beauty of our personal storage is that you can access it whenever you need to, making the task of decluttering easy for you. You can free up space in your home by storing items you only need occasionally. See storage opening hours for Knightsbridge and Bloomsbury.

  2. We’ll help you move in your items

    We understand how difficult decluttering can be, which is why we aim to help you where possible. If you require help moving your possessions in or out of your facilities, we can put you in contact with trusted local moving companies and arrange everything for you.

  3. Create space immediately

    Need to turn that room full of books into a home office as soon as possible? Get in touch with us today on 0203 319 5770 and secure a space – you can move in on the same day as you enquire.

Why Choose City Space?

Keep valuable items locked away safely
Whether your possessions are valuable to you for financial or sentimental reasons, you want them to be safe. You can rest easy when using our facilities, as each is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including 24/7 CCTV, key-coded access and alarms. Your unit will also be secured with a unique padlock.

Additional packing supplies when you need them
Run out of cardboard or just used the last roll of tape? We stock a variety of packaging essentials, so you’ll be well-prepared come moving day.

Flexible storage options
We understand that your circumstances may change at any time. We can provide you with a larger or smaller space for no extra cost at any point during your stay.

Storage in Central London
We are located in the heart of Central London right on your doorstep. Why travel for storage needs when you can walk to your unit and get your processions when you require them.