Office Relocation

Your business may be planning to relocate temporarily while renovation work takes place, or permanently to a brand-new office. Whatever the situation, you’re going to need somewhere to store your office’s furniture during the move.

CitySpace has a range of storage solutions to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to store a handful of boxes or an entire office, we can help.

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How CitySpace can help with your office relocation…

  1. Flexible storage periods

    Unfortunately, relocations and renovations don’t always go smoothly. Delays happen and mistakes are made, slowing down the entire process. At CitySpace, we charge monthly instead of set storage periods. That means you’re free to store your furniture and other resources with us for as long as you need.

  2. We’ll move you in

    Relocation is a complex process, and the last thing you need to worry about it how you’re going to get your office furniture from your office to your storage facility. We have solid relationships with several local moving firms and can arrange for the picking up and dropping off of your furniture for you – leaving you to worry about more important matters.

  3. Same-day storage guaranteed

    Is your renovation or relocation taking place sooner than expected? We guarantee to provide you with a storage space the same day you enquire, meaning you can move your office items in straight away. Call us on 0203 319 5770 to reserve a space now.

Why Choose CitySpace?

Clean, dry and secure facilities
No matter how long you’re planning to store your office furniture for, you can be sure it will remain in good condition, as our stores are clean, dry and well maintained. They’re also monitored 24/7 throughout the year by a state-of-the-art security system. Out-of-hours access is limited by a unique pin code, while your space itself is sealed with a padlock.

Central London locations
Renting a storage unit that’s miles from your new or existing office is only going to cause more hassle. Our facilities are located in central London and in easy reach of your offices, making your relocation as convenient as possible.

Extended access to your unit
We realise you may need to access an important file or resource whilst your entire office is in storage, which is why we allow our clients to enter their units even when the reception is closed. See full opening hours on the individual location pages.

Additional packing supplies available
We sell a range of boxes and other packing supplies, such as tape and bubble wrap – perfect if you’ve run out just before you’re due to relocate!