How to make the most of your London university experience

University is a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s important you experience it to the max! Whether you’re a fan of nights out, cosying up in a coffee shop or restaurant with friends, or shopping til you drop during your free time, we’ve come up with some of the best places for you to make the most of London while you’re studying.

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Best Central London Picnic Spots

Summer’s on its way, and what better way to appreciate the sunshine and (hopefully) warm weather this season than a picnic.

While London is an urbanised city, there are still some wonderful gems of green spaces throughout the metropolis and we thought we’d compile a list to show you the best ones. All of these locations are within close driving distance of our storage facilities, so why not make a day of your visit and enjoy London?

Pick up a decadent luxury picnic hamper from Fortnum and Mason, and come with us!

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How to store your sports equipment

Sport enthusiasts know the importance of good equipment. Often a huge investment, equipment such as skis, snowboards and golf clubs need to be well looked after to keep you at the top of your game. Whether the transition into the warmer months prompts you to stow away your skis, or finding space for your growing golf club collection is proving a challenge, finding the correct storage solution for your sporting equipment is essential.

Notoriously difficult to store, sports equipment can often be awkwardly shaped, rigid, and likely to take up a lot of space. Here are our top tips on how to store your sports paraphernalia to keep it in tip-top condition.

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How to store your vinyl records safely

There’s no denying that there’s nothing quite like the sound of vinyl, and a well- kept vinyl collection can not only hold a high monetary value, but a sentimental value too.

To keep your much-treasured vinyl collection in the best possible condition, the way in which it is stored is key. Store your records incorrectly and not only can this affect the sound quality of your favourite records, but it can also significantly decrease the value of your beloved collection.

Just a few simple steps can ensure that your vinyl remains scratch, dust and ‘crackle’ free, so your records are ready to rock when you are!

If you are planning to put your vinyl collection into your CitySpace storage unit, here are our top tips for keeping it protected:

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7 luxury Easter gifts from London’s best chocolatiers

It’s almost Easter, the time of year to enjoy milk, dark, and white chocolate guilt-free – it’s tradition after all! For most of us, chocolate is appreciated as an occasional indulgence, so Easter is an opportunity to treat friends, family, (and yourself!) to only the finest chocolate in London.

We’ve selected our favourite Easter offerings from chocolatiers and retailers in and around central London that will impress and amaze the lucky recipients.

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How to make inner-city moving a stress-free experience

Moving home, moving offices, moving furniture – all potentially stressful experiences that come with their own challenges. Add the extra issues that arise when trying to move within a city, and you’ve got yourself a tricky situation!

So, how can you reduce the stress of inner-city moving? Easy: plan, plan, plan! Leaving everything to the last minute will not make for a smooth move. Plus, arranging your move in advance means you can focus your energy on the fun stuff: choosing colour schemes, buying furniture, and planning your housewarming party!

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CitySpace Bloomsbury is open for business!

CitySpace Bloomsbury has opened its doors today, and is celebrating with a fantastic introductory offer!

Conveniently located on the corner of Woburn Place and Coram Street, our modern storage facility is in the heart of central London, and just a stone’s throw from the University of London – perfect for students looking for flexible storage solutions. Continue reading “CitySpace Bloomsbury is open for business!”

The coolest offices in the world

Many companies introduce office schemes intended to boost employee morale, from dress down Fridays to free lunch. These methods are great – who doesn’t appreciate free pizza? – but bigger companies tend to have the scope to put employee morale at the forefront, and a lot of them use their office space as a tool to make their workforce a happy one.

We have selected companies from around the world that have created workspaces that will not only attract young, fresh talent, but also motivate them to stick around.

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