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Storage Size Estimator

What size storage unit do i need?

At CitySpace, we have a wide selection of different sized storage solutions, so whether you need to store an entire house-worth of furniture or just your winter wardrobe, we have a space for you.

However, choosing how much space you need isn’t easy, as it can be hard to visualise what will fit where until you see it in person. That’s where our storage size estimator comes in handy – you no longer have to guess how much furniture you can fit into 50 sq. ft. as we’ll tell you what it’s equivalent to (in this case, it’s the average content of a one-bedroom flat).

If you’re still unsure you’ve chosen the right sized unit, don’t worry. Our friendly staff are happy to look at your list of items and advise you on how much space you need. If you turn up to our storage centre and find the unit you’ve picked is too big or small, we switch it to a more appropriately-sized unit, free of charge.

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Storage unit sizes

10 sq. ft.

This size of storage container is ideal for students who’ve discovered they don’t have enough space in their student halls or flat.

25 sq. ft.

Need somewhere to store seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations and gifts or gardening tools? This size unit should provide you with plenty of room.

35 sq. ft.

Perfect for those redecorating a singular room in their house and require a storage space in which to keep all their furniture safe.

50 sq. ft.

This size container has enough space to fit all your furniture from a one-bedroom studio flat – ideal if you’re moving home.

75 sq. ft.

Redecorating or moving out of a two-bedroom house? A 75-sq. ft. is suitable for storing all your large appliances and furniture.

100 sq. ft.

Ideal for small office moves, a 100-sq. ft. unit can fit around 140 boxes inside it.

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